gogo starr

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen      

11am to 12.30pm

Miss Mokki: All that Jazz Workshop

Dancing for those who've never danced before

£20 per person

To book contact: maggamaack@gmail.com

12.40pm to 2.10pm

Gógó Starr: You Gotta Have A Gimmick

In this campy act development workshop, the Drag

Queen of Iceland will go over the basics of putting

together an act and taking your ideas to the

next level.


£22 per person

To book contact: Email: info@gogo.starr.com

2.20pm to 3.50pm

Ebony Silk The 3 P’s… Pose, Pause & Please

EngagingYour audience is there to watch and engage with you, be it physically or conceptually, your main aim is to please them. Let’s discuss how this is done…


£20 per person

To book contact: payment@poleandplumes.com

1.30pm to 3.pm 

Putting The SFX in Burlesque

Learn how to use SFX and prothetics in Burlesque


£15 per person

To book contact:Rebecca Kilcline Abbott

Saturday 18.08.18

4pm to 5.30pm

Fifi von Tassel: Burlesque & Body

Hints & tips on how to start your body loving

journey, & how to incorporate this in dancing,


£15 per person

To book contact:fetmenfattet@gmail.com

For Festival information and full workshop details visit:


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